What to Do Before Selling Your Louisville Home

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As we inch our way towards the spring selling season, I'd like to give you all some advice on how to spruce up your Louisville home for a good sale. 
  1. Become a real seller: What I mean by this is that you must forget about all the emotions involved in selling your home. Emotions have ruined sales before, and distancing yourself from your home when selling it is important. Besides, when you decide to sell, it's not really your home anymore. 
  2. Find a good agent: This is important for exposure, and also for getting top dollar on your home. You know who to reach if you need an agent!
  3. Pricing it perfectly: This may be the most important part of the entire selling process. It is a major marketing tool and if it's incorrect, it could ruin the entire sale.
  4. Depersonalize: Remove collections, pictures, or other memorabilia that will distract potential buyers. Buyers need to see your home, not your lifestyle. To add to this, your home should always be in show-able condition when you're listing. People come and look at homes at a million different times of day and night, so you must always be prepared for a potential visitor that wants to buy your home. 
  5. Don't get overzealous with repairs: Be careful with the renovations that you make because not all of them are going to net a high return. Bathroom and kitchen remodels can get pricey, so try repainting and removing curtains to lighten and brighten up your home.
  6. Empty your closets: You want your closets to look nice and roomy, and they can't appear that way if all of your stuff is inside of it. 
  7. Brighten up your home: Buyers need to see your home, and they also love well-lit homes with lots of natural light. Remove curtains and blinds to let more light in. I have always found that it makes potential buyers more comfortable to be inside of a sunny, well-lit home. 
Hopefully these tips will help you with your home sale, and if you need any extra help be sure to contact me.

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