Do You Know Someone Who's a Fit for Our Team?

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Hey everyone, today I am making a plea for your help. Our business is growing very quickly and, because of this, we have some positions to fill. We haven't been able to find the right person yet, so we are reaching out to all our great past and current clients, friends, and family for help.

The first job we are hiring for is an admin position. We are looking for someone who is energetic, fun, enjoys organization, and can help us keep things on track.

We also have a few positions open for buyer's agents. With so many leads in the pipeline, it seems a little daunting to undertake all of this work by myself. I am looking for two agents who want to learn about the business and make some good money doing so.

If you know somebody who might be interested in any of the above positions, give me a call or send me an email. Thanks in advance for your help!

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