What's the Best Strategy for Dealing with Multiple Offers?

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Hey everybody, what I want to talk about today is dealing with multiple offers. We are seeing multiple offers at a tremendous rate in Louisville right now.  Our market is hot, our inventory is low, and it's almost like they are printing money with such low interest rates out there.

One thing you need to understand about the Louisville market is that competition for good homes is fierce right now. In this economy, you may get asking price or even higher, and you're likely to receive multiple offers.

When it comes to receiving multiple offers, the biggest and best offer is not always the biggest and best, and cash is not always king. These offers need to be broken down into the particulars, like time, financing, and if cash really is cash, and not equity or a $401k.

You need an expert to help navigate through all of the difficulties that arise when it comes to accepting the right offer. If you have any questions, we would love to answer them. Give us a call or send us an email, we'll talk to you soon!